Best Software’s To Make WiFi Hot spot On Windows 8.1/8/7 PC/Laptop

These days everyone have a WiFi enabled smart phone. Many smart people like you, are thinking to share their PC or Laptop Internet connection. Actually it’s a very good idea because this will reduce our data cost a lot. It’s not only about the cost, if you
create WiFi hot-spot in your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1/7 PC then you can share your Internet connection(LAN) with all your devices. This will be very useful when you have multiple desktop’s and WiFi enabled tablets and I pad’s.

  • Creating WiFi hot-spot in your PC is very easy if you can get it right.

  • I have already written two articles about this but those methods are little tricky.

  • Many Windows users are feeling a bit difficulty with previous methods because those methods have to be done manually with command prompt.

  • Now, i will tell you the best software’s to turn your Windows PC into WiFi hot-spot enable router.

  • Before writing this article i have tried few software’s but i found two very good software’s.

  • Anyway i will share more than two here. If possible try all of them and let me know which is your favorite one.

Software’s to create WiFi Hot-spot in Windows 8.1, Windows 8/7 PC/Laptop ”

Connectify Hot-spot Pro :

  • There are lot of software’s available on the Internet to make hot-spot but this is the best and easiest way to create WiFi hot-spot in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7/8.
  • I have been using this software for last three years.
    You don’t need to have technical knowledge to use this software.
  • Just download & install like any other windows software and reboot your Windows laptop or PC.
  • Then open Connectify hot-spot pro and start hot-spot.
    You can see the step by step article and download link to create WiFi hot-spot using Connectify in Windows.
    One and only worst part of this awesome software is it’s not a free software you have to buy it.
  • If you can afford $30 kindly buy this awesome software and help developers. If you can’t afford that much money for a software as usual you can download it from Internet.

MyPublicWiFi :

  • I know everyone cannot buy a software for $30. If you are looking for alternative method this is probably the best I can say.

  • This is also one of the best software and very easy to use.

  • You can create hot-spot in Windows 8 or Windows 7 as per official website but i have tested this on windows 8.1 also it’s working fine.

  • Download this software from here >> link to download

  • Install this software and open it you will see a prompt like in below.

  • There you can change hot-spot name and password. While opening this software, open it as Administrator.

  • Right click on the software on desktop or in Windows search then click on Run as Administrator.

Virtual Router :

  • This is another software to make WiFi hot-spot in Windows 8.1 0r Windows 7/8  PC/Laptop.

  • You can download this software for free but it contains virus.

  • I really hate this software because it contains malicious Ad-ware in it. Never install this software in your PC.

  • I have tested this software 3 months back at that time it was full of Ad-ware. If you are using this software let me know your opinion.

Thin-ix :

  • This also a good software but it is not a free software.

  • It is available for 7 day free trail version but i think we don’t this because we already have Connectify if we want to buy a software.

  • If you need a free one you can go for MyPublicWiFi.

Still there are lot of software’s are there but many of them are not working properly. I hope this tutorial helped you don’t forget to

share this tutorial and let me know if you have any other best software’s. And keep commenting…


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