Gamer’s Edition offers collector’s editions of indie games – PC Gamer

Hotline Miami 2

Gamer’s Edition is a new service offering videogames stuffed inside cardboard boxes and sold as limited-run collector’s editions. It’s similar in many ways to the IndieBox, which we looked at up-close last year, but instead of using a subscription model, Gamer’s Edition essentially crowdfunds each of its proposed physical releases. The designs for Gamer’s Edition releases are created in advance, but actual production doesn’t begin until there are enough orders.

The service launched today with two games on the table, Hotline Miami 1 and 2, and Papers, Please. Both editions are very well stacked: The Hotline Miami package includes both games on DVD and Steam, a C90 mix tape—apparently an actual audio cassette tape—a trade paperback of the Hotline Miami 2 comic, five “Cameo” trading cards, a 50 Blessings spraypaint stencil, and a custom art card, all put together in a DVD case with packaging designed by Dennaton. The Papers, Please release is comparably loaded, complete with Arstotzkan passport and paperwork, a Labor Lottery keyring, posters, stamps, a pin, and separate “Approved” and “Denied” stamps (and even an inkpad).

They don’t come cheap. Hotline Miami is $60, while Papers, Please is $70; that’s not out of line compared to regular retail prices for triple-A releases, but it is a big premium over the $10 that each of them go for on Steam. Of course, people don’t buy editions like this just for the game; we do it so we can gaze pridefully at the deck of Dishonored tarot cards sitting on our shelves and think, “Boy, I wish I could open that and see what those things actually look like.”

The Hotline Miami and Papers, Please Gamer’s Editions will be available for ordering/funding for another 30 days. A third title is expected to be announced soon.

Australia to trial new ratings system for online, mobile games – PC Authority

The overhaul of Australia’s game classification system has been long, sometimes painful process. We’ve only had R18 classifications for a short while, and though that system seems to be allowing more games to reach Australian shelves, some games – specifically online and mobile titles – are still being ‘sold’ without classification.

The new system, announced today by Minister for Justice Michael Keenan, is that of the International Age Rating Coalition, or IARC (no, not the IARC that deals with Cancer Registries). It’s a rating system whereby participating online storefronts can work with developers to get their games rated, via a relatively simple questionaire.

The IARC, which includes countries such as the US, Canada, and Brazil, then ensures the global rating is converted into a local one.

The use of this tool will help keep the National Classification Scheme up to date with the pace of growth of mobile and online games.

Australians who download these games through participating storefronts will soon start seeing familiar Australian classifications. Parents will also be better informed when making decisions about what their children play on their devices.

It sounds like a pretty good service, relying as it does on storefronts and developers to do the heavy lifting. There’s one catch, though.

The IARC’s website lists participating countries and storefronts, and the storefronts list is pretty small. In fact, it’s one – the Firefox Marketplace. One would think that for a system to be truly useful, it would at least have Steam, and maybe the Play and Apple Stores as participants.

Unless there’s some as yet unannounced local alternative, it seems like a good idea that’s simply not going to have much use in practice. We’ve contacted the Minister’s officer for clarification.

Square Enix wants devs to pitch new Anachronox and Gex games – PC Gamer

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I’ll be honest, I don’t entirely understand Square Enix’s “Collective” initiative. It lets indie developers pitch ideas to the Square Enix community, and if they do well they… er, they get to do a Kickstarter. Couldn’t they do that anyway? I guess it’s a chance to utilise Square Enix’s marketing apparatus while still retaining independence, but if Kickstarter is already a popularity contest, I’m not sure I’d want to go through an additional one before that point.

At least now there might be a better reason to use the service. Square Enix have announced that they will accept pitches for old Eidos properties—specifically, for new Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox games.

“We have more IPs that we may open up in future,” explains the Square Enix Collective site, “but we’ll start with those and see what the response is like.”

According to Squenix, they’d “love to see different takes on those universes.” They wonder Gex would look like as a turn-based strategy. Weird, I imagine is the answer.

Unlike with original games submitted to the Collective, playing in Square Enix’s disused Eidos pool will guarantee distribution through the publisher. That means a 10% distribution fee plus a 10% “license fee for the use of the IP”.


Pre-Registration Opens for Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

Hi, Friends
Samsung Galaxy S6 is here at the edge of releasing, and guess what! The company itself is very much eager to launch this ‘wonder’ as early as possible. In addition to the madness ongoing now, carriers like
‘AT&T’, ‘T-Mobile’ and ‘Sprint’ are already allowing Samsung Galaxy S6 review pre-registrations for the upcoming Samsung beauty and have deliberately uploaded teaser images of the handset on their respective websites. It’s not the first time though that Samsung is opting for a little push on the craze before launching the final product. To make Samsung Galaxy S6 reach to the users these carriers are already been waiting in the starting line-up prior to launch.

Users are needed to provide their detail credentials containing informing name, pin code of residence and email id as a part of this pre – registration in these carrier companies. After registration a user ensures notifications from these networks highlighting when and how they can pre-order the Korean companies latest genius.

Matching with their own logo color scheme, the carrier websites have uploaded the same color variants. The Samsung Galaxy S6

Yellow is been uploaded by ‘Sprint’, on the other hand ‘AT&T’ has uploaded the Blue variant and the

Pink one is been uploaded by ‘T-Mobile’. The uploaded images of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have

‘Six Appeal’ teased on it! The device flaunts the much waited curved display and on the right top there is the Samsung logo.

T-Mobile captioned the image with

“The Next Big Thing is Almost Here. Come back on March 1st to learn more about the latest from Samsung and T-Mobile.”

While, AT&T mentioned it with ‘Spring 2015’which is probably the launching time. Sprint says ‘Coming Soon’

straight and direct!

It is known that the Korean giant is ready to launch the handset at its pre MWC 2015 event on 1st March. Different rumors are already going on in the market prior to the biggies appearance in users pocket, the latest assuming Galaxy S6 will be featuring a 20 megapixel Sony IMX240 sensor for its rear camera with

‘considerable tweaks’ to the lens and camera UI surpassing to that of Galaxy Note 4’s 16 megapixel. The company has already promised

‘The Galaxy S6 camera is going to be enough intelligent to do all the thinking for the users making the user to bother only with the pressing the shutter. It also demanded this is going to bring a whole new era in Handset photography!’

Hints of metal build, curved display and a huge and speedy charging support were already presented in previous teasers of Samsung Galaxy S6.

Checkout trending articles: Shadow Fight 2 Game For PC

The Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors doesn’t only have the over whelming human expectations but it’s also going to be a challenge to I-phone 7. It’s been a while that the market has seen another Samsung vs. Apple battle, but the MWC 2015 is surely the old rivalry will strike back.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors and real specifications and difference with I-phone 7 are surely sticking to be the cake for this year.

Download Hotstar APK For Android, Install Hotstar App APK Manually

Hi… Friends There may be cases you want to install apk files from Google Play Store, rather than installing the app directly to your Android device. It might be like you are not able to install the updated app correctly due to some issues or you may not able to install the app due to slow internet connection. In those times, you may look forward to download apk files rather than looking to install them directly. There might be many ways and many websites which provide you the apk files for the requested app, but we need to be sure that website does not introduce any malware in to our computer. There might be also a case like, the place you are in is restricting the installation of app for Play Store or your android device does not have the enough space right now to install the app. Even in those cases, you can download the apk file and install it later after you free up the space in the device. Now, I will take you through two ways to download and install hotstar apk file to your computer. hotstar download is not a big process; it can be done simply by following simple steps. This method is applicable for every apk file. Also Read : Download Showbox APK Download Shadow Fight 2 game for PC Download and Install hotstar apk to your computer hotstar live TV movies cricket is an android app developed by Start India Pvt. Ltd, an entertainment channel. You can enjoy movies, TV serials, Live Sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Soccer and many more through the app itself. In the season of world cup, it is the most needed app for every Android user. Before looking at it’s features, let us jump to know about hotstar download and how to install hotstar apk. Download hotstar apk from a website to your computer As I already told you, there might be many websites which gives you the apk of any Android app. Some of the websites may have the apk you are looking for and some of them might not have. Choosing the right website which has the required apk and that too it should be safe to our computer. I will let you know two websites which allows us to download hotstar apk for free. hotstar download will take less time with these simple steps. One website to download hotstar apk to your computer Visit download atoz website and you can see an option to download hotstar apk to your computer. This website has almost all apks of android app, but I provided the direct link of hotstar download. Click on the “ Click to downloadgreen button and your hotstar apk starts downloading. It gets downloaded within few seconds as it is only the apk file. This website provides you the screenshots, download size and everything about the app similar to Play Store. This downloads the official apk from the Google Play Store and it does not create any problem to our Computer. If you want, you can scan the apk once it is downloaded. Second website to download hotstar apk to your computer Now, I will let you know the website, which is slightly different from the first website which we have seen now. This is the preferable apk downloader and the website to be chosen to download any apks.  Evozi’s APK Downloader  helps us to download hotstar apk for free. Follow these steps for hotstar download. Visit the Google Play Store and copy the URL of your required android app. In our case, it is the hotstar live TV movies cricket. Search for the app and copy the URL from the address bar. Now visit, Evozi’s APK Downloader and paste the URL you just copied from Google Play Store. You can even copy the app’s package ID or entire app URL. Hit the “Generate Download Linkblue button and after few seconds, it generates the hotstar download link. Click the link to download hotstar apk to your computer. It is always advisable to scan the downloaded hotstar apk to make sure that, it is free from all sorts of virus before you install it to your android device. Download hotstar apk using the Chrome Extension Till now, we have seen two websites for hotstar download. Those websites simply provides us the hotstar apk with simple steps. You can even download hotstar apk, by installing the Chrome Extension by name  CodeKiem APK Downloader extensionAfter adding the extension toy our Chrome browser, you need to follow few steps to download the hotstar apk file and you can get all those steps clearly by heading over to  CodeKiem Official Website . These are some simple ways for hotstar download. Use these steps you can download any android app as apk. Now, we are done with the download of hotstar apk. Now, we need to install the downloaded hotstar apk in our Android device and there are few steps for this too, but they are simple and let us see them. Steps to install hotstar apk in Android device Open Settings of you Android device and scroll down till you see Security and tap on it. Under security look for Unknown sources section which says that, “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. This option will be disabled by default. This means that, it does not allow the apk file to be installed in your device and it allows only installation from Google Play Store. We need to enable this option to install apk files externally. Enable the option and it shows the security message. Click “ Ok” and now your device is ready to install any apk file. Copy the downloaded hotstar apk file from computer to your android device. Use any file explorer to find the apk file in your android device and double click on it to install it. That’s it. Now, hotstar apk is installed on your Android device. Features of hotstar live TV movies cricket No Sing up required. Search for episodes made easy. You can watch your favorite movies, Live Sports and more. Easy navigation and attractive interface. You can watch multilingual shows through app. It is free to download and you can even download your favorite shows. If you want to install the hotstar app, you can do that by heading over to Google Play Store. These are some of the ways for hotstar download to your computer and install hotstar apk no your Android device. Have you downloaded and installed hotstar apk in your android device? Hurry up and let us know if you have anything to add through comments.

Download AntiVirus For Laptop Windows 8.1/8 – Free


Hi Friends…Now-a-days being secure and need of AntiVirus became most crucial thing for every person who use Laptop or internet. I think there are three possibilities why people want AntiVirus in their Windows.

First one is to have AntiVirus just for their safety like to frequently scan their drives,

second chance is for those who use laptop for their technical work and

last but not the least possibility is to secure their precious data from the attacks.

Yes, sometimes we get attacks from the bad people, these attacks are not to take your life but for your important data. They release virus to get your valuable info with files and internet. So when you download and install something which not secure, it can harm you. So, to make you and your PC secure, in this exclusive tutorial I’m going to explain you about what is the best free antivirus for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8/7 laptop to get rid of

malwares, viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans.

Let’s move to know the updated info about best Antivirus.

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 8.1 & Windows 8 Laptop

Bulk number of Official AntiVirus companies in the market are releasing softwares for protecting our Windows laptops. Among those, selecting the best one which suits your needs will be a tricky part. Here I’m going to open the golden box to reveal that trick to get the knowledge about each and every Anti Virus software. All these Antivirus tools works for Windows 64 bit laptop without any doubt. Lets dig in…

Must have to secure your files (caution)

Best Data Recovery Software For Windows Caution – Be Careful:

These days pen drives are becoming the best channels for spreading virus into laptops. So, be cautious while you insert any drives into your PC.

Here is the list of Security golden box items…

1) Microsoft Security Essentials :

  • There are some requirements to install Microsoft Essentials like, Operating System must be genuine version no matter whether it is Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. One more thing, you need to have 1GB RAM and internet connection to download and install it properly.
  • Behind the screen, it’ll be working with real-time protection to defend your PC or laptop properly.
  • This is the best antivirus for students, home based laptops or PC and for small business based usages.
  • It works perfectly to protect your windows laptop/PC from viruses, spywares and Trojans.
  • It needs to be up to date to get better results after scanning.
    Internet connection is a must for users who use this AntiVirus software for daily updating.
  • Know The Types Of Harmful Viruses: You’ve to be timid about Trojans and Rootkits, these are dangerous and going viral. Some other viruses can be deleted using an AntiVirus.

    Download here >> Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 8.1 and 8

2) Avast Antivirus :

  • People who use Avast antivirus say it’s the best in the virus protection business.
  • They say it is trusted AntiVirus and has the experience of more than 25 years in this industry.
  • Nearly 22crore users are using it currently under the sky.
  • It scans every disk you insert into your PC or Laptop and reduces the risk of entering any Spyware.
  • You can use it for Android and/or tablets also. By using it you can get the location of it if you loose it anywhere.
  • Users in Google play store has given 4.5 rating out of 5.
  • The most attractive thing I really like about this antivirus software is, we can access our laptop from anywhere by “Access Anywhere” feature.
  • You can acquire this by Avast Top Notch type antivirus. Just try once free trial for 30 days.
  • SafeZone makes us strong and hard for banking and transactions from our personal laptop/PC.

    Download Avast Here >> Avast Antivirus for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8

3) Kaspersky Security :

  • Kaspersky got good reviews from all the people who are using it.
  • I really liked it personally and it’s fine if you install 2013 version and update it for 2014-15.
  • Around 30crores users in the world are using products of this company.Got best results for malware blocking, permeate good from scam, better firewall block results.
  • Fraud Prevention is for Online and Mobile banking.Results of anti phishing sound with more volume. Good work from Kasper sky.Like other antivirus softwares it has its own pluses and negatives.
  • But users and experts gave position at moon for this.

    Download kaspersky Here >>Kaspersky for Windows 8.1 or 8.

4) McAfee Antivirus :

  • Every Network security expert recommend this software to use it as antivirus software in your PC/Laptop.
  • This company concentrates on scanning time and battery life. That’ why it needs more RAM and Processor than other company brands.
  • I really appreciate their work on H@cker prevention control. Really recommended for our users.It works pretty well in background.
  • It can kill each and every virus, malwares if it is up to date.
  • Daily update McAfee software for controlling all kind of bad bots coming into your PC.
  • ENHANCED Digital Data Shredder will look after your privacy.
    PC Tune-up will help you to increase you PC or Laptop performance.
    Download McAfee here>> McAfee for Windows 8.1 and Win 8
  1. Norton Anti Virus Software
  • Norton has three types of antivirus systems in the industry.
  • Those are Norton Antivirus 2014, Norton internet security and Norton 360.
  • This software has it’s own ups and downs.Best blocking of malware URLs.
  • It has got good reviews about cleaning PCs and Laptops from malwares.
  • You can scan your system through internet. Really interesting feature from Norton.
  • It’s Network security blocks some sites if they don’t fulfill their requirements them. This causes some people go angry.Many other sites gave good score for this product.
    Download it from official Norton site – Nortons Antivirus for Windows 8.1
    and Win 8Comparisons of Best Features Between Antivirus softwares
    Norton Antivirus going quick with its effective technique of Malware URLs blocking and anti phishing.
  • McAfee scores best marks in running speed and updates.
    Microsoft essentials looks good than rest for the people who are not interested to pay for antivirus. Just internet is enough to update it.
  • Avast killing it with user interface, quick and automatic scan when any drive inserted.Fraud Prevention from Kaspersky makes it even better.

This is it guys. I hope now you have got advanced knowledge about antivirus brands in the market. Feel free to ask us about this topic. We are happy to help interested people like you. Choose best antivirus which suits for your requirements and views. We have given you every single piece of information regarding to
best antivirus for Windows laptop64 bit or 32 bit. Enter your precious and valuable suggestions and comments to make the content better. Thank you!

Shadow Fight 2 game download for Laptop & PC

Hi… friends i am coming back with a awesome and crazy game check out this…

We all love to play action games on smart mobiles. It may be in Windows, Android or i-OS all we want is good gaming experience and entertainment. Every one of us has our favorite game which may come under racing games, action oriented games, puzzle games or fighting games. Shadow Fight 2 comes under the fighting games and it is best among many. It gained popularity as Face-book game and later on it is available for Windows, Android and i-OS.

You will get the experience of fighting with real Ninjas. Background score is really good and it creates the ambiance of real fighting. It shows the impact the shot you have used on the opposition very clearly. Having a fight between two shadows is really interesting to see and we being one in those two really give you a good gaming experience. There is tournaments section also, where you need to win some games and win the tournament. The way you use weapons and keys to get a perfect shot is really awesome. You will get daily bonus points and a new tip as new shot to use from thereafter This…

Shadow Fight 2 game is not yet available (for Windows 8.1/8,Windows 10/7) officially

Even though we don’t have this game for PC “we can install and play Shadow Fight 2 for in Laptops and Desktops”

using simple method. You can check that method below.

Shadow Fight 2 For PC/Laptop, Install SF2 For Windows 8.1/8/7

If playing in mobile gives you such gaming experience, they have you never thought of how it would be playing the Shadow Fight 2 on desktop? Yes, you can play Shadow Fight 2 or any Android game on your Windows 8.1/8/7 an can get more gaming experience. You can play your favorite game on the large screen of your desktop. Now, you can play Shadow Fight 2 on your desktop for free with the installation of single software by name

Blue-Stacks :

There might be many softwares or emulators available over the net, but I would suggest Blue-Stacks as it does it’s part very well.

So, first download Blue-Stacks and leave it until the download completes. As it is somewhat big software, it may take some good amount of minutes to complete the download. Anyways, it all depends on data rate of your internet connection.

If it is fast, it may take just few minutes. Once download is done, just double click on the ‘.exe’ file and click “Yes” if it asks for confirmation. It installs quickly and it does not take much time. It will create the shortcuts for Blue-Stacks on the desktop and double click it to open the Blue-Stacks.

Steps to Install and play Shadow Fight 2 on Windows Laptop/PC

Open Blue-Stacks you just installed on your desktop. It shows some Top Apps and other apps on the start screen. Just click on the “Search” button which is in orange color.

Search for “Shadow Fight 2” using the search bar and it gives you the suggestions and lists down the game in seconds. It may ask you to login and you can login with your Google account. It will ask for permissions and you can go ahead by accepting them and there is no problem in that.

Later, click on the “Search Play for Shadow Fight 2” and it shows the game from Google Play Store.

Now, click on the “Install” button which is beside the game and the game starts installing and in few minutes, you see that the game got installed.

Now, you can open and play the Shadow Fight 2 game in your Desktop through Blue-Stacks. It shows you the keys to be used before starting the game.

These are simple steps to be followed to install and play Shadow Fight 2 on your desktop using Blue-Stacks.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Game and things to know about it

Shadow Fight 2 allows you to select the player and start the fight with the opposition which is nothing but the computer. You need to win 2 of the 3 rounds to be a winner for that particular game and you will get to the next level by winning more such games. If you feel that, you are not good at using the keys to get the right shot; you can go to the training section and get trained. You can practice all the shots available and when you fell you are done with the practice, you can start playing again.

It gives you more points for head shots and these shots help you to win the game with very few shots. When you keep on going to next levels the complexity increases. Opposition starts playing well and that is the real challenge for us. For continuous shots you will be getting double points. Whenever you give a blow or good shot to your opposition, it will be shown in slow motion and that shows how well the game is designed.

When you start playing the tournament mode, opposition comes one by one in a single game. You need to get the down, till your health comes down and after defeating all of them, you will win that particular tournament. There are many such levels and game modes which builds interest in you to play it more.

Download Shadow Fights 2 Game For Windows Laptop Conclusion :

Shadow Fight 2 is really the best game among many fighting games available. Playing it does not give only the best gaming experience, but also the entertainment and refreshment which was our aim to play games. It is advisable to get command on the keys to get best shots and practice more by making use of practice section. Easy to install and play through Blue-Stacks. Get most out of the game and you can enjoy it a lot. Happy gaming! If you love this share to your friends and others to know this thanks for reading and commenting…

Showbox App Download For Android, Install & Download Showbox APK

Howdy Friends, I hope everything is going fine for you. Everything is fine from my side. Today, I am back with one awesome tip for your Android Phone. I know these days many people are showing interest in Showbox Android Application. This application is growing very quickly because most of the Android phone users those who are using this showbox app they are just loving it.

Everyone is enjoying this app very much but this application is not available in Android Play Store market. If it is accessible in Play store you and me could’ve installed it with ease in our mobiles but this is not the case here. So, today I will show you 

How download Showbox app apk for Android?”

And i would like to share the installation procedure with you.

This method is same for all ( Samsung Galaxy phones, LG Mobiles, Google Nexus, BlackBerry Z10, HTC M7/M8, HTC One, all Sony Xperia models, Micromax and more android devices). If you want to install this app on your IPAD or MAC or iPhone see this.

  • First download the Show box app apk for Android from the below provided link.
  • If your download is completed then make sure you downloaded the file correctly.
  • To check whether you’ve downloaded the file properly or not once verify the file size.
  • If you’re looking to install this Showbox APK file on PC you can see that one here
    The actual file size of this awesome Show box app is 2.2 MB ( Exactly 2309 KB)
  • If the file which you’ve downloaded has the exact file size  of 2309 Kilo Bytes then it is perfectly alright to use.

Wait..Wait don’t close the tab because downloading the file is just not enough to  use it with any problems.

  • If you don’t want to get any troubles while using this application in future checkout of the proper installation guide for Showbox app in Android mobiles.

Install Showbox APK in Android, Showbox  App Download :

This installation procedure is closely similar in any version of Android. It means whether you use Andorid Kitkat 4.4 or Android Jelly bean or Android Ice Cream Sandwich this process is same.  Before installing Showbox App you should change some little settings in  your phone.

  • First take out your Android mobile and >> open Settings
  • Then go to Security tab ( Checkout images for better understanding)
    Now Put Tick Mark for Unknown Sources and Verify Apps. Now you’re almost done.
  • Go to the file location of showbox app and open that application and click on install.

That’s it the Showbox app will be installed in few seconds after that you can enjoy show box download for free. I hope you don’t have any issues with this simple tutorial. In case, if you have any problems or queries we would love to hear from you. Install showbox on Android and start enjoying watching

Disclaimer :

We are not promoting this app in any way and we are not responsible for this show box app download. We are just giving information. We don’t have any direct or indirect relationship with the showbox developers or with that company.

Showbox Update Problems :

Some times show box android app shows blank screen. Mostly this blank screen problem would come after you update your android show box apk. If you are not getting any errors after updating your free movies app then you don’t need to worry at all.

If you are one those victims who are getting blank after installing latest version of showbox apk file then I’ve got a very simple solution for you guys. What all you have to do is first completely uninstall showbox app from your android smartphone or from android powered tablet.  Now, download one of the old and stable version of show box apk xda. Here is the working outdated version show box app apk link. Now update the app once again or enjoy showbox install android with stable version.

Some times this app will not work for all users. It happens because of server problems. In recent time due to it’s high popularity this show box server is going down but within hours it is coming online. If you ever see blank screen in your showbox display then just sit back and relax for few hours and check it again.

Don’t forget to share this useful app with your Facebook and twitter friends. That’s the end of this cool “Download showbox for Android” tutorial.

Explore more useful tricks for you. Download Showbox PC and Use whatsapp for Laptop. Showbox is not yet available for XBOX or Ipad or any other iOS devices. Some people are giving wrong information about installing show box on i Phone and other iOS devices.

share this tutorial and let me know if you have any other best software’s. And keep commenting…

How to make money online

The online jobs, working from home business is a big revolution in this century and it is working very well for the clients as well as contractors. Still many people don’t believe in working online but smart people like you are started making money from home. Still if you have any confusions or doubts in your mind about how to Make Money Online let’s clear them and start earning today.

Read the all possible ways to generate income online. I promise that if you completely read this article you will definitely get few ideas. Register Here to Make Money Online with World Best site. All Countries Special Offer for Indian People Only. Limited Registrations. Most trusted and 100% genuine site to earn from home. No investment is required. Students, housewives and anyone with a computer and Internet connection can earn good up to 10000 rupees.

Indians Only- Limited Opportunities -Hurry Up Can we really Increase our Income using our

Computer and Internet ? Yes,absolutely you can earn what you’ve deserved but the question is. World No.1 and best Site to Make online money How to make online money without investment from home? The answer for this question is difficult to answer for me but it is easy for you because you know what your talent is.

In present situation almost every work you can do online but you have to find your correct platform. There are many ways to make money online but for now i am giving you the most successful and best ways to earn some bucks (dollars) online. Choose the category that best suites for you. Even though if you don’t have any special skill still you can make money online but the more your talent then more money.

Check out the best ways to make money online from home without investing anything from any country ( India, USA, UK, CANADA, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH,Philippines, France, Brazil, Italy , Pakistan,Australia,America, England, South Africa or any other country . Don’t mind the order.)

Best ways to make online money from home for free Without investment

1.Pay-per-click ( PPC ) :

  • This is one of the easiest way to increase your bank balance from home without paying anything.
  • All you have to do is just clicking on ads in your system that’s it.One thing you should remember while doing this type of work is choosing the correct site.
  • Don’t do this type of jobs any websites other than Clixsense. This site is the king of this category and it is 100% safe.
  • Register in Clixsense here to get special benefits. See this free video that show how to earn money online in clixsense.

2.Online Surveys :

  • Doing online surveys is easier way than any work in the world.It is the quickest to way to get money online also.
  • The work for you in this category is just giving your opinion about some products.
  • This method is especially profitable for USA,UK,CANADA,INDIA,Philippines countries.
  • Read more about online surveys here.

3.Article Writing :

  • This is some kind of a professional job.
  • If you really have some good writing skills you can make a passive income from this but the thing is you have prove yourself at the beginner stage.
  • Choose the correct niche which best suits for your talent and start writing articles in that niche and submit them to websites or you can create your own blog.
  • You can write articles in freelancer sites also check out them here.

4.Freelancer Jobs :

  • Freelancing jobs is main way to most of the online workers and biggest source of making money online in different categories.
  • You can do many type of works like programming,Data entry,Web research and much more.
  • If you want to do this type of work go toodesk, elance, Guru, Fiver, Freelancer websites.
  • This type of jobs will be very suitable for college students, teenagers.
  • Check out all type of works in freelancing sites.

5.Selling online Products :

  • This is somewhat complicated though it is fixed income once you settle down in this business.
  • Create an online store in Amazon or in eBay and start selling products yourself.
  • Otherwise if you have too much talent in any field you can write an e-book and you can sell it.

6.Photography :

  • Many people are passionate about photography then why don’t you use your skills to make good money by selling your photos.
  • You can use below site to sell your photos.

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