Pre-Registration Opens for Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is here at the edge of releasing, and guess what! The company itself is very much eager to launch this ‘wonder’ as early as possible. In addition to the madness ongoing now, carriers like
‘AT&T’, ‘T-Mobile’ and ‘Sprint’ are already allowing Samsung Galaxy S6 review pre-registrations for the upcoming Samsung beauty and have deliberately uploaded teaser images of the handset on their respective websites. It’s not the first time though that Samsung is opting for a little push on the craze before launching the final product. To make Samsung Galaxy S6 reach to the users these carriers are already been waiting in the starting line-up prior to launch.

Users are needed to provide their detail credentials containing informing name, pin code of residence and email id as a part of this pre – registration in these carrier companies. After registration a user ensures notifications from these networks highlighting when and how they can pre-order the Korean companies latest genius.

Matching with their own logo color scheme, the carrier websites have uploaded the same color variants. The Samsung Galaxy S6

Yellow is been uploaded by ‘Sprint’, on the other hand ‘AT&T’ has uploaded the Blue variant and the

Pink one is been uploaded by ‘T-Mobile’. The uploaded images of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have

‘Six Appeal’ teased on it! The device flaunts the much waited curved display and on the right top there is the Samsung logo.

T-Mobile captioned the image with

“The Next Big Thing is Almost Here. Come back on March 1st to learn more about the latest from Samsung and T-Mobile.”

While, AT&T mentioned it with ‘Spring 2015’which is probably the launching time. Sprint says ‘Coming Soon’

straight and direct!

It is known that the Korean giant is ready to launch the handset at its pre MWC 2015 event on 1st March. Different rumors are already going on in the market prior to the biggies appearance in users pocket, the latest assuming Galaxy S6 will be featuring a 20 megapixel Sony IMX240 sensor for its rear camera with

‘considerable tweaks’ to the lens and camera UI surpassing to that of Galaxy Note 4’s 16 megapixel. The company has already promised

‘The Galaxy S6 camera is going to be enough intelligent to do all the thinking for the users making the user to bother only with the pressing the shutter. It also demanded this is going to bring a whole new era in Handset photography!’

Hints of metal build, curved display and a huge and speedy charging support were already presented in previous teasers of Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors doesn’t only have the over whelming human expectations but it’s also going to be a challenge to I-phone 7. It’s been a while that the market has seen another Samsung vs. Apple battle, but the MWC 2015 is surely the old rivalry will strike back.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors and real specifications and difference with I-phone 7 are surely sticking to be the cake for this year.


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