PC Common errors and solution

Hi friends in this modern era everybody has own their pc/computer. And these are not worked properly… today i want to show you some common errors regarding this pc..Common PC errors with their Solutions

Error No.1: Monitor led is blinking

Solution: Check all the connections like Monitor Cable, Data cables, RAM, Display Card, CPU Connections etc.

Error No.2: Continuous Three Beeps

Solution: Problem in RAM Connection.

Error No.3: Three Beeps (i.e. 1 long and 2 short)

Solution: Problem in Display Card Connection

Error No.4: Three long Beeps Period wise

Solution: Problem in BIOS or RAM

Error No.5: Continuous non-stop Beeping

Solution: Key Board Problem (i.e. some key is pressed for longer time)

Error No.6: NO display on the screen

Solution: Hard Disk cable connected wrongly.

Error No.7: Power led is off

Solution: Check main power cord; check S.M.P.S; check motherboard connection

Error No.8: Showing CMOS Error

Solution: Replace 3 Volt Battery of motherboard; set original setting manually; enter your search form terms, submit search form

Error No.9: Showing HDD error or Hard Disk Failure

Solution: Check power cord; Check connection of HDD; Check Data Cable; Check Hard Disk parameters in CMOS or Auto detecting setting partitions by Fdisk command, then format it to set track 0.

Error No.10: Mother Board hangs due to unstabilized power supply

Solution: Check S.M.P.S; RAM not functioning properly; Software problem i.e. using pirated software; CPU fan not functioning properly


PC Common errors and solution 2

Hi, my dear blog readers in our daily life pc work is one of our main duty. Because by increasing the popularity and technology in our daily life this computers are main essential sources and this sources some time getting some errors and problems this errors are minor or major let check it out some common errors…

Error No.11: Dancing Screen

Solution: Check display card connection; virus problem; video memory problem

Error No.12: Shaking Screen

Solution: Earthing problem; Magnetic waves comes around

Error No.13: CPU cabinet shock

Solution: Check Earthing; Check main power cord

Error No.14: Hard Disk making noise while processing

Solution: Unstabilized power supply; check for loose contact; do not use Y connectors for Hard Disk because it may create bad sector or weak Hard Disk.

Error No.15: Hard Disk hangs while processing

Solution: Check for bad sectors by using CHDISK or SCANDISK command. If found format the hard disk and set partition before that area. (Note: This is the only procedure to use hard disk with bad sector or to avoid bad sectors use standard power supply)

Error No.16: Hard Disk not detected

Solution: Check power connector; check Data cables; check jumpers

Error No.17: Partition not shown

Solution: Operating System where the Hard Disk formatted is not supported with present Mother Board

Error No.18: Windows Registry error

Solution: This will happen due to sudden ON/OFF of the system. Final solution is to Reinstall OS.

Error No.19: Display colour doesn’t match

Solution: Configure Display Card properly or reset the setting

Error No.20: Unknown Device found

Solution: Driver Utility may not be provided with OS. For this install driver for the device

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